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Absolute Linux is a lightweight Slackware derivative that uses an Icewm, pcmanfm, ROX-Filer, ivman, and others to create a lightweight yet easy to use distribution. Installation is text-based but simplified, and all packages are installed at once. It can run on a Pentium II and above, including SMP systems. A minimum 128MB RAM is recommended. It features ease of browsing any connected device in pcmanfm, and an auto-popup menu for inserted playable media. "Restricted" codecs are available to those eligible via a root-user installer. There is a large range of software included: Google Chromium (compiled on Absolute), OpenOffice, Mplayer, GIMP, K3B, FileZilla, and many more.


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  •  14 Jan 2013 23:01

Release Notes: Implements some power management for laptops (based on a patched version of the lightweight xautolock, rather than piggy-backing off a screensaver.) Many application updates and system tweaks. Updated to the 3.7.1 kernel.

  •  25 Nov 2012 17:54

Release Notes: This release uses kernel-polling with a customized and stripped-down version of spacefm, which also gets by without the use of hal or udisks. It is about as lean-running as possible with modern software like udev, NetworkManager, Chrome browser, etc. It allows much administration via sudo as a user, thus diminishing the need to log in as root to get most things done. The caveat is that when you get a password prompt to run a root-only program, you must enter the root password.

  •  06 Jun 2012 22:01

Release Notes: New versions of Xorg and kernel since the last release. A new screen resolution changer (usable on a per-user basis). LibreOffice is in "Extra" (no more "CD2"; all auxiliary packages are now in "Extra", which seems more logical.) Updated multimedia libraries and their installer, and new MPlayer. Several little tweaks.

  •  10 Oct 2010 10:07

    Release Notes: Security updates and interface tweaks were made. Barring any last-minute bug fixing, this should be the final release in the 13.1.x series.

    •  13 Sep 2010 04:21

    Release Notes: Security updates including the mozilla-nss package (and Firefox, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird on CD2). Icewm menu fixes and re-arrangement. AbiWord is back in the base install with GTK printing preview by epdfview (so no more AbiWord crashes, hopefully). Several package updates including OpenOffice, Imagemagick, Inkscape, and Chromium Browser. A new default sound mixer: alsamixer-qt4. A new script in the menu to change screen locker mode, and an updated find-installed script.

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    08 Sep 2007 05:12 gvy

    lol... if it wasn't that deceptive
    > The kernel source was misconfigured


    Did you already encounter simple and elegant use cases with *data loss* thanks to ROX-Filer? Its XML desktop is even more horror than the Slackware itself :-(

    05 Feb 2007 12:38 fanningm76 Thumbs up

    I am happy to see the birth of this os. It seems to me to support the ideals of open source/ linux those ideals being a focus on individual applications to get stuff done in contrast to a monolithic structure to get everything done. I hope this os has a long life. Thank you.


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