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  •  14 Jan 2013 23:01

Release Notes: Implements some power management for laptops (based on a patched version of the lightweight xautolock, rather than piggy-backing off a screensaver.) Many application updates and system tweaks. Updated to the 3.7.1 kernel.

  •  25 Nov 2012 17:54

Release Notes: This release uses kernel-polling with a customized and stripped-down version of spacefm, which also gets by without the use of hal or udisks. It is about as lean-running as possible with modern software like udev, NetworkManager, Chrome browser, etc. It allows much administration via sudo as a user, thus diminishing the need to log in as root to get most things done. The caveat is that when you get a password prompt to run a root-only program, you must enter the root password.

  •  23 Jun 2009 20:54

Release Notes: This pre-release includes fixes for slapt-get and wicd, the addition of a control panel, centralizing control, and eliminating the sometimes-confusing utilities menus. Big updates to Midori and inkscape on repositories (under /CD2). A new theme, new login, and QT4 up and running several new applications along with QT4-based K3B. Overall, a more cohesive look and simpler navigation. This release candidate is so that 13.0 will not necessitate updates, and to obtain feedback on whether Midori is functional enough to become the default browser (it uses about 1/3 the memory of Firefox in testing).

Release Notes: This release includes kernel, a couple of new programs, updates and libraries, and /extra packages peeled off from returning CD2. (CD2 is zipped and includes Java runtime, OpenOffice, Pidgin, kernel sources, etc.)


Project Spotlight


A video conversion tool.


Project Spotlight


Protocol Buffers for R6RS Scheme.