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Another File Integrity Checker

afick is another file integrity checker, designed to be fast and fully portable between Unix and Windows platforms. It works by first creating a database that represents a snapshot of the most essential parts of your computer system. You can then run the script to discover all modifications made since the snapshot was taken (i.e. files added, changed, or removed). The configuration syntax is very close to that of aide or tripwire, and a graphical interface is provided.

Operating Systems

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  •  10 Sep 2013 14:13

Release Notes: Three new classes were added: Afick::Aliases, Afick::Macros, and Afick::Directives. A new macro was added: archive_retention. On Windows, installation of the Tk module is now forced. afickonfig now works on all config types. An inconsistency between command line parameters and config directives was fixed.

  •  25 Dec 2012 13:22

Release Notes: This release continued the rewrite with libraries and unit tests. Afick::Gen, a new library for generic code was added. A bug was fixed in the fix report_url option. The check_update feature was also fixed.

  •  13 Nov 2012 22:04

Release Notes: This is the second release of the new 3.x branch (a progressive rewrite in object oriented programming). Many bugs were fixed. A new plugin (stat_date) was added. The class Afick::Tst was added.

  •  24 Jul 2012 19:01

Release Notes: This is the first public (stable) release of new 3.x branch. It is a rewrite (partial for now) of afick in object oriented programming, to allow better code and better support. It matches the 2.21 release for features. The two afick branches (2.x and 3.x) will be maintained in parallel for a few versions, to allow users to migrate when they want.

  •  16 Jul 2012 23:29

Release Notes: On Unix/Linux systems, the cron job can now notify nagios monitoring, using the nsca tool.

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17 Mar 2004 12:10 Saalen

Re: @ project title

> "fick" is the german
> equivalent to the english
> "f-word"....

In today's unix installations with hundreds of tools, it's good to have some programs with easy to remember command names ;)

06 Feb 2004 07:40 doctorgonzo

@ project title
"fick" is the german equivalent to the english "f-word"....


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