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  •  29 Jun 2013 20:44

Release Notes: This is a bugfix and security update of 5.0.0.

  •  01 May 2013 22:09

Release Notes: Major changes are a new startup Installer, SQLite3 support, many bugfixes since 4.3.2, and new theme customizations options. This is a serious release candidate for AjaXplorer v5.

  •  12 Nov 2012 00:24

Release Notes: This is the final release for the 4.2 stable branch. It contains many bugfixes.

  •  23 Sep 2010 22:34

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release for 3.0, but it also introduces the new Repository Delegation feature and the associated Shared Elements management tools.

Release Notes: This release supports metadata and an HTML5 uploader. The plugin engine and GUI were rewritten.

  •  05 Apr 2010 00:33

Release Notes: This is a security release. Some vulnerabilities were found in previous version; upgrading is highly recommended on all systems.

  •  26 Mar 2009 20:25

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release of 2.4RC1. However, a diagnostic tool has been added to help find the problems in the server configuration.


Project Spotlight


A QT cross-platform frontend for ccrypt.


Project Spotlight


A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.