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Release Notes: This version added a fancy audio analyzer visualization applet, smooth fade-out when pausing music, many UI improvements and visual tweaks including better support for alternate color themes, a significantly enhanced MusicBrainz tagger, power management awareness with a pair of new configuration options, and performance optimizations and responsiveness tuning all over Amarok.

Release Notes: This release brings a preliminary version of the Nepomuk Collection plug-in for storing track statistics and metadata, and statistics synchronization between collections and with The File Browser's behavior and appearance were greatly improved, and audio CD playback was resurrected (at least with recent phonon-gstreamer). A total of over 470 bugs were closed. There is a completely updated handbook.

Release Notes: While this version brings a reasonable set of new features, the focus was on bugfixing and improving overall stability. The new features are a complete overhaul of the iPod, iPad, and iPhone support, including solid support for device playlists, transcoding for iPod-like and USB Mass Storage devices, Free Music Chart service activated by default, embedded cover support for Ogg and FLAC files, and album art support for tracks on the filesystem and USB Mass Storage devices.

Release Notes: This release brings podcast synchronization, rewritten USB Mass Storage support, an integrated Amazon MP3 store, and many bugfixes to the iPod plugin.

Release Notes: The visual design was tweaked, removing the status bar at the bottom, and replacing it with more focused notifications up top, or where they make most sense. You’ll also see some nice new visual effects in the layout as well. The new Dynamic Playlist should be easier to understand. Some of the functionality changes are: a new AlbumPlay example playlist, a Quiz-play bias that will pick a song that starts with the same character the last one ended with, and preventing duplicate tracks. You will notice that you can now drag and drop on Collections, to copy or move within Local Music.

Release Notes: Many bugs and corner-case crashes were fixed. Lyrics and iPod handling both got some attention, along with remote collections. Previewing your changes in the Organize Collection feature was improved.

  •  19 Aug 2007 08:38

Release Notes: This release provides numerous bugfixes and performance improvements. The built-in radio streams list has been updated and extended. Additionally, the application icon has been updated with a fresh new look.

  •  22 Jun 2007 05:37

Release Notes: This release provides a revamped icon theme, performance improvements, and many bugfixes. Support for Rockbox on the iPod has been added. The translations have been improved and updated.

  •  05 Sep 2006 14:08

Release Notes: This release offers much improved performance, especially with big playlists. New features include Rendezvous (ZeroConf) support for the music sharing client, and the new File Tracking feature, which makes it possible to keep statistics intact when moving files. There are also many important bugfixes, especially for the collection scanner.

  •  03 Apr 2006 02:18

Release Notes: This release provides important memory leak fixes for the Xine and Helix audio engines. Also, the equalizer in the Xine engine has been improved, and the collection folder handling was fixed. Support for the latest MusicBrainz library has been been added.


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