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Release Notes: This release improves file history, introduces bookmark management, improves layout, and fixes bugs.

  •  19 Nov 2012 04:08

Release Notes: This release adds new extension terminal integration, adds buffer interchange between more instances of the editor, introduces internationalization, adds the ability to interact with a running application by typing input in the output console, and adds a new kind of view (list view) to file history (activated by a button on the toolbar).

  •  11 Nov 2011 16:12

Release Notes: This release adds some new features. Many bugs are fixed. The ability to open more than one instance of "Editor" and hide the tabs has been added.

Release Notes: Many bugs are fixed. Initial basic support has been added for other languages (Python and Java).

  •  20 Sep 2010 02:33

Release Notes: Improvements: many bugfixes, a new default theme (dark), auto-hide scrollbar, and auto-post menu . This release adds a process monitor (possible to kill a running sub-process) and the first release of configurable runners management (the ability to choose a runner for the current file).

  •  22 Jul 2009 23:17

Release Notes: A project drawer has been added. ae-file-history: a tree will "auto expand" if it only has one child, and what "sync" means is better described. ae-search-in-files :you don't have to click on one of the search entries to be able to use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up and down. ae-editor: auto-completion of the current word based on words within the current window (also like textmate's hitting escape). A "ctrl +o" shortcut that opens the filesystem dialog in the directory of the current file. commons: "do you want to exit" is optional.

  •  22 Feb 2009 10:43

Release Notes: A dynamic layout capability was added: now you can change the frames' positions at run-time and create new frames.


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