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Arg_parser is an argument parser that follows POSIX and GNU conventions for command line arguments. There exist C++ and C versions of Arg_parser. The C++ version is implemented as a C++ class, while the C version is implemented as a single struct plus associated functions. Both are simpler, easier to use, and safer than 'getopt_long'. The C++ version of Arg_parser can also parse options from configuration files.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2013 19:59

Release Notes: Minor fixes.

  •  19 Mar 2012 21:39

Release Notes: Minor fixes. Quote characters in messages have been changed as advised by GNU Coding Standards. The configure option "--datadir" has been renamed to "--datarootdir" to follow GNU standards.

  •  02 Jan 2012 23:01

Release Notes: Minor fixes.

  •  16 Jan 2011 19:29

Release Notes: Minor fixes. C99 style comments "//" have been converted to C89 style comments "/* */" in the C version. A test suite has been added.

  •  15 Mar 2010 16:28

Release Notes: "typedefs" have been removed from the C version (carg_parser.h). A link exception has been added to the license. The manual has been improved.


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