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  •  30 Mar 2014 14:15

Release Notes: This release fixes a BitTorrent download failure on the Mingw build.

Release Notes: This release adds a new RPC authorization mechanism using the --rpc-secret option. The existing --rpc-user and --rpc-passwd options are now deprecated, and all applications using the RPC API are strongly encouraged to migrate to the new mechanism. See the RPC INTERFACE section in the aria2 manual page for the details. A new RPC method, aria2.saveSession, was added, which tells the aria2 server to save session file immediately. There are several enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  05 Jan 2014 15:34

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug which may cause assertion failure after multi-file downloads (e.g., multi-file metalink or torrent) are performed several times due to the bad handling of the --bt-max-open-files option.

Release Notes: This release fixes the wrong handling of return value of fork(), which leads to high CPU usage. The progress readout has some color output. The Mingw32 build now receives colorized outputand can read Unicode commandline arguments. The build script for OS X has been rewritten. --bt-max-open-files now limits the number of opened file globally for multi-file downloads instead of on a per-download basis.

Release Notes: This release fixes the percent-encoding bug which affects filename encodings. It adds PKCS12 support in certificate importation. It also adds an experimental internal implementation of the message digest functions ARC4 cipher and bignum. This means that no external libraries are required to build BitTorrent support, but this feature is still marked as experimental. This release also fixes the Android build with NDK r9.

Release Notes: This release changes the default disk cache size to 16 MiB. To change the default size, a --with-disk-cache configure option was added. Used URIs are now also saved by a --save-session option. The control file is now always saved if --force-save is given. The ctrl-c handling of the Mingw build was improved. The internal intl library is no longer supplied. From this release onward, a C++11 compiler is required to build the aria2 executable. For gcc, at least 4.6.3 is required.

Release Notes: This release adds large file support for Android build and libuv support for event polling mechanism. AppleTLS now supports Snow Leopard (10.6). The experimental libaria2 C++ library API was added.

  •  24 Mar 2013 12:05

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug which caused an invalid range error to be thrown when requesting range starts from 0 in HTTP downloads.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug where active downloads were not saved with --save-session-interval and the bug where aria2 hangs when the size of the download result exceeds its maximum. BitTorrent UDP tracker support was added. If the filename specified using --save-session ends with ".gz", aria2 stores the session file in gzipped form. The -i option can handle this gzipped file as well as plain text files. A 1.15.2 based Portuguese translated manual was added.

  •  03 Feb 2013 18:55

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused random crashes. It also fixes socket option setting failure on Windows.


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