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  •  24 Mar 2013 12:05

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug which caused an invalid range error to be thrown when requesting range starts from 0 in HTTP downloads.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug where active downloads were not saved with --save-session-interval and the bug where aria2 hangs when the size of the download result exceeds its maximum. BitTorrent UDP tracker support was added. If the filename specified using --save-session ends with ".gz", aria2 stores the session file in gzipped form. The -i option can handle this gzipped file as well as plain text files. A 1.15.2 based Portuguese translated manual was added.

  •  03 Feb 2013 18:55

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused random crashes. It also fixes socket option setting failure on Windows.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug which caused long-running BitTorrent downloads to stall. Several new options have been added.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to persist the GID across sessions. The GID will be saved with --save-session. There are several restrictions on how the GID is persisted. See the manual for details. For this change, the GID is now 64-bit binary data and represented by a 16 character hex string in an RPC query. The disk cache feature was added, which may reduce disk activity. The console readout was redesigned. The warning displayed when --file-allocation=falloc is used on MinGW32 builds was removed as a bug.

Release Notes: This release adds SSL/TLS encryption support in RPC transport. The new RPC method aria2.appendUri has been added (it's a wrapper to aria2.changeUri). The Content-Disposition parser is now RFC 6266-conformant. The resource leak in XmlParser, JSON, and Bencode parser has been fixed. The uploaded data size calculation bug has been fixed. For the MinGW32 build, files are now opened with read/write shared mode.


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