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  •  19 Dec 2013 10:32

Release Notes: This release fixes two templates that used PHP short open tags - which aren't supported everywhere - and fixes the copy and rename dialogs.

Release Notes: This release is mostly about fixing a few bugs, but also adds a new muze dialog loader to create crossbrowser dialogs as a replacement of showmodeldialog. It also adds support for cross-protocol domains to psite objects.

  •  22 Dec 2012 07:09

Release Notes: This release adds many, fixes, and new features within the ar() structure. Site rewrites allow you to automatically rewrite URLs and references within sites to make it easier to work with development versus live environments. Remote authentication allows the use of frameworks like OAuth or even authentication against other CMSes.

  •  21 Jan 2011 22:49

Release Notes: This release has a number of small improvements and fixes, as well as a greatly expanded and improved version of the new API. It adds a new object type, pproject, that is intended to ease management of projects with their sites, users, and libraries. The new Ariadne API has been extensively tested and expanded. It is now complete enough to build entire projects with. It has been checked for consistency, correctness, ease-of-use, and expandibility. It adds easy XML and HTML parsing, XML data binding, an event system, OpenAuth, RSS, SOAP, and Twitter support.


Project Spotlight


A vte-based terminal emulator.


Project Spotlight


A map/reduce framework for processing large RDF data sets.