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Aspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides for Java is a Java component for manipulating PowerPoint presentations. It doesn't require PowerPoint and supports export to PDF, embedding and linking of audio and video frames, slide cloning, thumbnail generation, and presentation features, the ability to extract text from a presentation, and more.

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Release Notes: This release introduced a mechanism for calculating the angle for a connector line shape added to a slide. Issues related to missing WMF, EMF, and other images in exported PDF have been resolved. Text rendering issues with exported PDF and thumbnails were resolved. Many text rendering, improper hyperlink, improper vertical text, and bullet rendering issues have been addressed. Chart rendering has also been improved and issues related to missing charts, wrong legends, and chart axes have been rectified for generated PDF and thumbnails.

  •  07 Mar 2014 20:14

    Release Notes: This release improves HTML exportation, which includes support for bookmarks and rendering bullet points in the output HTML. It rectifies issues like wrong text wrapping, improper background images, and improper text rendering for exported HTML. PDF exportation has been enhanced in this release. For this, many issues pertaining to missing or improperly-rendered images and improper horizontal or vertical lines for shapes have been resolved. This release also improves wrong font rendering, including Chinese fonts for generated PDF files.

    •  07 Feb 2014 21:09

      Release Notes: This release has enhanced support for SmartArt loading, saving, editing, and 2D-rendering of objects, and support for setting the zoom level of generated PowerPoint presentations. (Earlier, Aspose.Slides defaulted to 100% zoom level.) Support for automatic update of linked OLE frame data has also been introduced in this version. With this feature, any changes to linked OLE frame files are reflected in generated presentations. There's also a new feature which lets you set multilevel chart categories. You can now add child nodes for any chart category.

      Release Notes: This release improves support for rendering SmartArt diagrams and metafiles. This is primarily a maintenance release that focuses on many presentation rendering issues. It addresses issues like missing transparency effects, improper color rendering, and improper image and text rendering in generated PDFs and slide thumbnails. There are improvements in rectifying the PDF and thumbnail rendering issues across different platforms including Window, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Some important enhancements and bugfixes are included in this release.

      Release Notes: This new release includes support for setting the scaling factor for an image added in a slide’s picture frame and an example of how to use it. Support for hanging bullets in paragraph text was added. Slide cloning issues were fixed along with multi-threading issues. API usability in Linux/Unix environments was improved by rectifying several slide rendering issues. The API documentation was improved.


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