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Aspose.Email for Java

Aspose.Email for Java is a Java component for reading and writing Microsoft Outlook MSG files without using Outlook. It can create and update MSG files, and retrieve properties such as subject, body, recipients, attachments, sender information, MAPI properties. It can be used with Web or desktop applications.

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Release Notes: This release offers the ability to move items from one folder to another in a Personal Storage (PST) file. This includes moving messages as well as subfolders to a new parent folder. It also provides a new feature that lets you load Google tasks exported to ICS format. The VToDo item can be loaded using the MapiTask class object, which can then save it as standard Outlook MSG format or add to PST. It also fixes a number of bugs, resulting in an overall improvement in the API’s functionality.

Release Notes: This release includes an enhancement related to reading messages from a semi-corrupt PST file. This makes it possible to read the non-corrupted messages from the PST file, which was not possible earlier, and provides more stability to PST reading operations. TNEF messages reading capability by filling the named properties collection from TNEF. This improves the overall Outlook message loading functionality from TNEF in cases where calendar items are encapsulated within a TNEF. Issues related to message encoding and conversions, message rendering to MHT and TIFF, and start and end times for calendar items are fixed.

Release Notes: The Aspose.Email API has been field proven for manipulating different types of email messages and working with appointments. The API now supports adding, retrieving, and extracting attachments from calendar files. Microsoft Outlook allows setting reminders to calendar items, which alert the user about upcoming events before the specified time. This release provides the same feature for setting display as well as audio reminders for calendar items. An examples dashboard with the zipped archive is also provided.

Release Notes: The ability to add a color category to an Outlook MESSAGE file was added. The API’s FollowUpManager class provides methods that add, remove, and list the color categories associated with a MSG file. A number of bugs related to MSG conversion for various formats such as EML, MHTML, and TIFF were fixed along with bugs with reading Outlook appointments and PST operations.

  •  14 Sep 2013 00:56

    Release Notes: This release supports OST to PST conversion. It only takes a line of code to save the loaded OST file as PST and vice-versa. This release also enhances the capability of PST operations so users can now change a folder’s Container class after creating it. This enables users to view all the contents of the folder which contains items of different types (messages, appointments, etc.) in Outlook by changing the folder’s container class to IPF.NOTE. It also includes a number of bugfixes related to message encoding, MSG conversion to MHTML, and a MapiCalendar issue while having attachments.


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