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Release Notes: Python support has been updated. Version requirements have been tightened. Several deprecated and obsoleted features have been removed, while new deprecations and future obsoletions have been introduced. Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Many obsoletions were introduced or finalized. Support for 'perllibdir', which was a hack, was removed. Some test suite weaknesses and spurious failures were fixed.

Release Notes: A large number of warnings and deprecations were introduced. Support was added for Objective C++ and for silent rules. Recursive cleaning rules now use the natural subdirectory order. Support for older non-POSIX Bourne shells was dropped. Several other modifications and enhancements were made. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Several obsolete features have been removed. A new "cscope" target has been added to aid in building a cscope database for the source tree. Several changes have been made to Automake-generated testsuite harnesses. Various other improvements and minor bugfixes have been made.

  •  28 May 2009 13:52

Release Notes: Automake can now experimentally run multiple threads for creating most files concurrently. Initial support for the Vala language was added. Python 3.0 is now supported, and Python releases prior to 2.0 are no longer supported. Many tool and rule modifications were made.

  •  15 Sep 2008 14:49

Release Notes: "make dist" can now create lzma-compressed tarballs. "automake --add-missing" will now install the GPLv3 COPYING file by default. Libtool generic flags are now passed to the install and uninstall modes as well. install-sh now has a BSD-like "-C" option to preserve modification times of unchanged files upon installation. Several minor bugs were fixed.

  •  25 Jun 2007 04:13

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  02 Aug 2002 02:00

Release Notes: This version includes support for AM_INIT_GETTEXT([external]), and incorporates some bugfixes, including a fix for Automake's own `make install' so that it works even if `ln' doesn't, fixes so that nobase_ programs and scripts honor --program-transform correctly, the erasing of configure.lineno during `make distclean', and the erasing of YACC and LEX outputs during `make maintainer-clean'.

  •  07 Mar 2002 13:17

Release Notes: This version corrects a bug related to bash-2.05. You now have to use s||| instead of s/// in the sed invocation to support filenames which contain slashes. Several fixes are also included.

  •  10 May 2001 05:09

Release Notes: This release includes some minor portability fixes.


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