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BalanceNG is a modern, IPv6 capable software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and set up. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Weighted Random, Least Session, Least Bandwidth, Hash, Agent, and Randomized Agent) and a customizable UDP health check agent in source code. It supports VRRP to set up high availability configurations on multiple nodes. It supports SNMP, integrating the BALANCENG-MIB with Net-SNMPD. It implements a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database, allowing powerful location-based server load-balancing.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2014 14:52

Release Notes: A bug with the generation of session table synchronization packets has been fixed, and the IP packet length now contains the correct value.

  •  11 Apr 2014 14:51

    Release Notes: A new experimental parameter "noftupdate" allows the user to disable all updates of the forwarding table. A bug with the "bng reload" functionality has been fixed. The manual has been updated accordingly.

    •  25 Mar 2014 23:38

    Release Notes: The sessionid handlers "src+tag" and "dst+tag" have been implemented together with the "sessiontag" server and target directives. This functionality allows to group multiple ports being handled together by the same sessiontable entry. The manual has been updated accordingly.

    •  06 Mar 2014 20:55

    Release Notes: A mutex locking problem with the "reload" functionality has been resolved.

    •  23 Jan 2014 20:47

    Release Notes: The gnatEntries SNMP object allows access to the total number of GNAT (generic NAT) table entries. The "gnatdlimit" paramter maximum has been set to 100000. The license revocation list has been updated. The manual has been updated accordingly.


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