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bash argsparse is a high-level argument parsing library for bash. Its purpose is to replace the option parsing and usage describing functions commonly rewritten in all scripts. Its features include automatic help message generation, user input checking (type checking, enumerations, etc.), and option properties (mandatory options, option aliases, options excluding each others, etc.). It is implemented for bash version 4. Prior versions of bash will fail at interpreting the code.

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  •  26 Mar 2013 18:22

Release Notes: Scripts without any parameter are now accepted by argsparse. A few new types have been implemented ("port", "portnumber", "username", and "group"). An RPM spec file and a debian directory are now provided. Documentation has been updated.

  •  13 Mar 2013 21:20

Release Notes: A new "cumulativeset" (same as "cumulative" but only keeps uniq values) property has been implemented. The short usage string is now line-wrapped so it fits in standard-sized consoles. The code should also be more compliant with the "errexit" shell setting. Tutorials and embedded documentation have been updated (and sometimes fixed).

  •  01 Mar 2013 02:58

Release Notes: A new "cumulative" option property has been implemented. The documentation has been updated accordingly.

  •  28 Feb 2013 14:04

    Release Notes: Documentation was added as a bunch of tutorial scripts, replacing a single uncommented, obfuscated test script. New users should find it much easier to learn the library.


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