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  •  28 May 2013 21:37

Release Notes: This release adds a new modern English Bible translation: NASB (New American Standard Bible) and NASB+ (New American Standard Bible with Strong's Numbers and NAS Exhaustive Concordance), new modern Spanish translations: LBLA (La Biblia de las Américas) and NBLH (Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy), and translations with red letter text: EMTV, WEB, WEBBE, WEBME, KJV, OEB, OEBcth, ThaiKJV, Ukrainian, and UkrKulish. 22 translations which contain paragraphs have been reimported.

  •  19 Apr 2013 21:53

Release Notes: 30 Bible translations have been recreated because of section and chapter headings and footnotes. You need to use the new program version for these modules. New module: SweFolk1998 - Svenska Folkbibeln The language of the German interface has been updated.

  •  06 Feb 2013 00:53

Release Notes: The download window has been renewed. It become more beautiful and comfortable, and has been prepared for integration with hundreds new modules (like ESV, The Message, NIV, NKJV, etc.). The registration of paid products is now easier. After giving an email address and a password, you can register all paid modules with one click. You can set the toolbar buttons' visibility with three options: User friendly, Almost all buttons are visible, My settings.

  •  24 Nov 2012 23:55

Release Notes: This release adds more than 60 changes, which primarily serve convenience and usability. You can now reach 90% of program functions without a mouse. Keyboard shortcuts include: Alt+0 jumps to the Bible panel. Alt+1..7 jumps to the tab page according to the number. F1 brings up a menu for panel switching. F2 brings up a menu for panel possibilities. By pressing Alt+Down on search fields, the word history appears. Ctrl-Space views the search field word recommendations. By changing the verse in the Bible panel, you can get the cross-reference list continuously in a new tab page.

  •  17 Sep 2012 21:07

Release Notes: The Bible Maps module is ready. You can see the current chapter of Bible in parallel with the maps, cities, and places. Approximately 1,000 known historic sites are in the database, as well as aerial relief, contemporary urban places, and country boundaries. The user interface of the program was completely redesigned. The program is more clear and convenient. On the left side is the Bible panel; on the right side is a tabbed pane with 5 main panels (search, dictionary, bookmarks, notes, and map). The toolbars of the Bible, the dictionary, and the note panels are customizable.

  •  31 Jul 2012 20:58

Release Notes: The verse copying function has been improved. New Bible translations: AKJV, Antoniades, ArmWestern, CatBEC, CebBugna, FrePGR, GerBengel, GreVamvas, IndBaru, IndLama, IndSeha, KJVPCE, Latvian, Maori, Ndebele, NorSMB, OEB, OEBcth, OSMHB, PolNBG, PolPUBG, PorAR, PorJFA-RA, PorJFA-RA(Br), PorJFA-RC, RomGBVN, SerDK, SerDS, Shona, SpaRVG, SweKarlXII, SweKarlXII1873, UkrKulish, WEBBE, and WEBME. Updated Bible translations: BurJudson, Che1860, Elzevir, HebModern, HUN, LEB, Norsk, PorLivre, TR, WEB, and WHNU. There is a new user interface language: Serbian.

  •  28 Nov 2011 23:17

Release Notes: The appearance of the program has been redesigned. Now it looks like the modern Android version of Bible-Discovery. Already you can write notes as well (e.g., for preaching sermons in church), and you can add your own commentary to the verses. It is possible to integrate e-Books. Essentially, almost any good quality Christian literature can be made readable and searchable by the program (if the raw text format and the license are appropriate, it can be converted) and MySword and TheWord books can be converted easily in the import menu.

  •  21 Sep 2008 04:44

Release Notes: The interface of program is clearer and more unambiguous. Knowledge of the advanced search window has grown significantly. The KJV (King James) Bible was reimported and contains morphological tags.

  •  25 Oct 2007 05:10

Release Notes: The program is now purchaseable, time-limited shareware software. Some Bible translations were reimported: ASV, ChiUn, ChiUns, FreLSG, FreDarby, GerLut, Iceladic, ItaDio, ItaRive, Kekchi, RST, RWebster, and Tisch.

  •  15 Aug 2007 07:45

Release Notes: A new search analyzing and word analyzing program part was developed, which collects up the words and their incidence rate in a window. The Cross Reference systems modules are necessary to use it. Pressing the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys reverses the bubble help working mode. The KJV Bible was reimported.


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