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  •  19 Feb 2014 23:29

Release Notes: This is a major version whose main highlights are: new compiler optimizations, new language features, and new library facilities.

  •  28 Jan 2013 22:44

Release Notes: A new API and new implementation multi-threading.

  •  26 Oct 2012 21:37

Release Notes: Closure unboxing optimization, new timed I/Os, and API optimizations (ALSA, FLAC, and mpg123).

  •  01 Jun 2012 21:56

Release Notes: This release adds modifications to the object system (language design and implementation), new APIs (alsa, flac, mpg123, avahi, csv parsing), new library functions (UDP support), new regular expression support, and a new garbage collector. The .NET platform is no longer supported.

  •  27 Sep 2011 08:07

Release Notes: Enhanced compile-time type analysis, new compile-time optimisations, a new interpreter, and new multimedia libraries.

  •  24 Jan 2011 11:41

Release Notes: This is a major version whose main highlights are new compile-time type analysis, enhanced error tracing, an operational Android port, and a new telephony API.

  •  08 Nov 2010 14:11

Release Notes: This is a major version. It improves portability on Arm/Android in particular by supporting native multi-threaded applications. This version also supports new APIs and fixes many glitches of version 3.4a.

  •  01 Jul 2010 22:26

Release Notes: This release improves portability by supporting two extra platforms, Arm/Android and OSGi bundles. It supports new APIs and fixes many glitches in 3.3a. It has been successfully installed on: x86/32, Linux 2.6, Arch Linux; x86/64, Linux 2.6, Fedora; Arm v6/v7, Linux, Maemo4/Maemo5, Android; PowerPC G3, Linux, Debian; x86/32, Windows SP2, MinGW; x86/32, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard; and x86/64, Mac OS X 10.6 SnowLeopard.

  •  04 Jan 2010 18:31

Release Notes: This version uses a new configuration stage and a new compilation framework that enable cross-compilation.


Project Spotlight


Data center infrastructure management.


Project Spotlight

GNOME Commander

A GNOME based filemanager.