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Bluefog is a tool that can generate an essentially unlimited number of phantom Bluetooth devices. It can be used to test Bluetooth scanning and monitoring systems, make it more difficult for attackers to lock onto your devices, or otherwise complicate the normal operation of Bluetooth devices. Technically, Bluefog can work with just one Bluetooth adapter, but it works much better when you connect multiple adapters. Up to four radios are currently supported simultaneously.

Operating Systems

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  •  10 Feb 2013 17:00

Release Notes: Improvements to random MAC generation. A "Loiter" mode has been added.

  •  13 Jan 2013 19:24

Release Notes: Many internal fixes and early work on a proper signal handler. Threads should now (probably) shut down cleanly.

  •  22 Dec 2012 07:18

Release Notes: This release is in the very early stages of development and there are some areas of the software which need attention and improvement. There is currently very little in the way of error checking.


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