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BSD Router Project

BSD Router Project (BSDRP) is a customized distribution of FreeBSD dedicated to offering IP routing services for small ISPs (not for home use).

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  •  27 Oct 2013 22:37

    Release Notes: This release is based on FreeBSD 9.2 with some additional patches (auto-tune mbuf size and a fix for a Packet-Filter NAT bug). Two kernel modules are added: hwpmc (Hardware Performance Monitoring Counter) and stf (6to4 tunnel interface module). OpenVPN has been added and fprobe removed (native ng_netflow supports netflow v9).

    •  21 Mar 2013 11:02

      Release Notes: This release add kernel modules for pfsync, coretemp, and amdtemp. There is a new package named "tayga" (a userland stateless NAT64 daemon), and net-snmp has been replaced by the native FreeBSD bsnmpd.

      •  16 Jan 2013 22:04

        Release Notes: This release fixes 2 major bugs (netmap unusable and ipfw_nat module missing) and provides an image for a new architecture: sparc64.

        •  21 Dec 2012 02:18

          Release Notes: This release has upgraded to FreeBSD 9.1-release and includes SCSI/RAID controllers and 10Giga Ethernet NIC drivers. The man pages are now included.

          •  05 Oct 2011 16:48

            Release Notes: This release is based on an up-to-date FreeBSD system (8.2-Release-p4) and up-to-date packages (Quagga 0.99.20 and Bird 1.3.3). It fixes lots of bugs, including script problems, needed kernels patches, and a missing kernel module.


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