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BurgerSpace is a game in which you are a chef, and must walk over hamburger ingredients (buns, meat, and lettuce) to make them fall from floor to floor, until they end up on the plates at the bottom of the screen. It requires the SDL multimedia library. It is a clone of the 1982 BurgerTime video game by Bally Midway.

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  •  26 Feb 2013 02:02

    Release Notes: Selecting a slot number when loading or saving games can now be done with the up and down keys to accommodate keyboard layouts in which digits are shifted, like the French keyboard. A GCC 4.7 compilation issue related to the close(1) function has been resolved.

    •  05 Aug 2012 01:09

      Release Notes: This version links with version 0.1.6 of the flatzebra library.

      •  17 May 2010 05:18

        Release Notes: A two-player, experimental network version is included. (This version still provides the stand-alone single-player game.) The F11 key now toggles between full-screen mode and window mode.

        •  31 Mar 2010 14:00

          Release Notes: The game now pauses automatically when the window loses focus.

          •  27 Feb 2009 07:05

          Release Notes: This version links with the new flatzebra 0.1.2. Various fixes to compile under GCC 4.3 have been made.


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