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  •  19 Jan 2013 04:27

Release Notes: This release comes with a large number of smaller changes. Audio settings are more flexible and allow you to choose a target latency. Jack users will be happy to see that the session is kept alive. The test suite was rewritten, many bugs were fixed, and a large part of the code base was refactored. GStreamer EncodeBin support, an audio-synth baseclass, and a pattern control source that simplifies the sequencer core were added. The gst-buzztard module is now more modular. There are a few new plugins (sidsyn, wave-replay, and wavetabsyn).

  •  25 Dec 2011 20:54

Release Notes: The main feature of this release is full undo/redo support and journaling of the edit action and crash recovery. This way, chances of losing changes are quite low. Other UI improvements are: tip of the day, an improved spectrum analyzer, clipboard support, more commands in context menus, and many more. This release features a gstreamer decoder that enables playback of buzztard songs in any gstreamer based media player. The libraries and the applications have performance improvements and code cleanups. The docs have been improved a lot with tutorials, keyboard shortcut tables, better coverage, and man pages.

  •  26 Nov 2008 21:46

Release Notes: As planned, the main focus for this release was the wavetable support. It's done: buzztard can load whatever gstreamer can decode. The wavetable view has a nice waveform widget. Related to this is a new song format that bundles the XML together with external files in a zip archive. The UI has seen a lot of improvements. The machine view looks nicer, including new machine icons. In addition, they show real volume meters when playing. All meters are properly synced.

  •  27 Mar 2008 23:35

Release Notes: bml now supports native machines, has better emulation, and can be built on 64-bit x86. bsl has support for pre 1.2 buzz songs and handles volume and panorama on wires. buzztard now has native buzzmachine support and better compatibility. The buzztard editor got its own pattern editor widget. The UI got lots of keyboard commands. It has settings for default directories used. The UI now has dialogs for recording mix-downs and single tracks. Improvements on the preset interface of gst-buzztard. Sparse streams (GAP flag) are supported. gstbml handles sparse streams, and compatibility was improved.

  •  03 May 2007 14:37

Release Notes: This version has many UI usability improvements, bugfixes, more instant apply settings, and some interactivity features (an interaction controller and a UPnP playback controller). The GStreamer extension modules have two new interfaces for presets and help. A Fluidsynth generator plugin has been started.


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