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Release Notes: This maintenance update includes seven bugfixes, security enhancements, and usability tweaks. Email attachments with HTML content filter out Javascript code before rendering. The 'Remember me' cookie for the login process now uses the 'httponly' option. This release fixes a bug that logged out all worker sessions when any worker reset their security credentials. The merge confirmation popup auto-focuses the 'OK' button to complement keyboard workflows. An issue where custom fields weren't being cached properly in Virtual Attendant behaviors has been fixed. QR codes display properly when using Google Auth and IE8.

  •  29 Nov 2012 21:44

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 11 fixes and usability enhancements. A worker's own actions will no longer affect the recent activity warning that shows up prior to replying to a message. The compose popup now requires at least one valid 'To:' email address before saving. Fixes an issue where the jquery.combined.min.js script file may be truncated during download in some environments due to a malformed character encoding. Auto-hyperlinking now properly handles trailing parentheses in URLs.

  •  01 Sep 2011 04:58

Release Notes: This second maintenance update for version 5.5 contains ten usability tweaks and minor bugfixes. The knowledge base RSS feeds in the Support Center now return the correct results. An RSS feed was added for newly created articles. Two new keyboard shortcuts are provided when displaying tickets. An issue that led to Virtual Attendants occasionally choosing the wrong outcome for conditions based on picklist custom fields was fixed. Activity will be logged and notifications will be sent when conversations are reopened after the "waiting until" timer has elapsed.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes 14 fixes and usability tweaks.


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