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CGIProxy is a Perl CGI script that acts as an Internet proxy. Through it, you can retrieve resources that may be inaccessible from your own machine. The user is kept as anonymous as possible from any servers. HTTP and FTP are supported, and optionally SSL. Common uses include censorship circumvention, VPN-like setups, anonymous proxies, personal proxies, and others. Options include text-only browsing (to save bandwidth), selective cookie and script removal, simple ad filtering, access restriction by server, encoded target URLs and cookies, configuration by end user, and much more (currently over 70 config options). Javascript and Flash are fully supported. Messages are in 12 languages so far. Can be installed as a CGI script, a mod_perl script, a FastCGI script, or with its own embedded secure HTTP server. An online demo is available.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2014 23:01

    Release Notes: This release adds Spanish and Polish message localization, for a total of 14 languages. It now supports LZMA-compressed SWF files if the Perl module IO::Compress::Lzma is installed. Many bugs were fixed, making more sites work better.

    •  27 Jan 2014 21:30

      Release Notes: This release adds German, Italian, Javanese, and Sundanese message localization, for a total of 12 languages. It supports Content Security Policy for those browsers that support it, for more certain privacy. Bug fixes were made.

      •  23 Oct 2013 03:55

        Release Notes: This release adds Chinese, French, and Indonesian message localization, for a total of 8 languages. Gmail and YouTube now work fully through CGIProxy. This release can use a SOCKS 5 proxy, such as Tor. Database support has improved. Now runs once again on Perl 5.6.1. Many bugs have been fixed and privacy holes closed, making many sites work better and more safely.

        •  26 Jul 2013 22:29

          Release Notes: This release includes localization of all messages into Arabic, English, Farsi, Russian, and Turkish. Facebook is now fully supported through CGIProxy. Resuming partial downloads is now supported. Many bugs have been fixed, making many sites work better through CGIProxy.

          •  05 Feb 2013 10:23

            Release Notes: This release includes several major changes to make installation easier and more flexible: automatic installation of Perl modules, FastCGI support, an embedded secure HTTP server for when you don't have server software, better Windows support; and better documentation, especially for installation. It also fixes a bug with spaces in URLs when using proxy_encode().

            RSS Recent comments

            23 Oct 2013 00:15 jamesmarshall

            Thanks, morthawt! I always welcome ideas to improve it, and bug reports.

            19 Aug 2013 21:25 morthawt Thumbs up

            Just wanted to say thanks for making this great script. It has helped me greatly in times of need. This is the web proxy system I always use and the one I always recommend to anyone asking me how to get one running.

            03 Mar 2008 12:55 jamesmarshall

            Re: Streaming content

            > Just an idea. If it is technically

            > possible to make CGIProxy handle

            > streaming content i.e. YouTube?

            Sure, CGIProxy has supported streaming content for a while. Flash is required for YouTube, which is why it hasn't worked. Today's new release (2.1beta16) does support (most) Flash, and YouTube works through it-- you can test it in the online demo.



            11 Feb 2008 07:45 lemon08

            Streaming content
            Just an idea. If it is technically possible to make CGIProxy handle streaming content i.e. YouTube?

            21 May 2005 03:24 Perlbroker Thumbs up

            Great software, it really needs javascript functionality yet
            This is great software, but it really needs the javascript functions as well for websites like ebay or Paypal.

            I also think that license should be either BSD or GPL, BSD being the best. Why limit the use only to private people?

            I know you spent a lot of time on furbishing this proxy. I am awaiting the javascript version.


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