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  •  10 Apr 2014 21:12

Release Notes: This patch release fixes several issues which were introduced in Check_MK 1.2.5i2 and other bugs which have existed in several versions.

  •  03 Apr 2014 12:00

Release Notes: This is the second innovation release for the current development phase. It contains only a small number of bugfixes and a few new checks. The most important changes are security patches for two CVE-2014-2330 and CVE-2014-2331, which have been published on 2014-03-24 and 2014-03-28 to the bugtraq mailing list. All reported security related issues are fixed with this release.

  •  27 May 2013 19:38

Release Notes: This is a major feature release that commences the next innovation cycle. The most interesting new features are a new VMware monitoring agent, new availability Reporting, and a WATO module for BI. Many checks are new or updated, including a new SAP R/3 monitoring.

Release Notes: This is the last pre-release before the official stable release of Check_MK 1.2.2. It comes with a bunch of bugfixes affecting all components of Check_MK.

Release Notes: This is the next innovation release of Check_MK 1.2.1. It includes a lot of bugfixes in multisite, wato, and the core of Check_MK. It comes with some small improvements in the flexible notification feature, the checkboxes in views, and WATO.

Release Notes: This release comes with a huge number of bugfixes and also some feature changes in nearly all components. The biggest new feature is that it is now possible to connect the Web interface with an existing LDAP authentication system. Several usability and small feature improvements were made to several components like WATO and the Event Console.

  •  18 Aug 2011 09:57

Release Notes: This version contains about 80 changes since. The most prominent new features are the new Dashboard and an improved WATO.

  •  12 May 2011 14:49

Release Notes: This release opens a new innovation cycle and comes with a brand new addon: The Check_MK BI (Business Intelligence). It also brings lots of new checks and other improvements.

  •  18 Sep 2009 14:11

Release Notes: The main improvements of this release are a new and simple way to call Nagios plugins by agent (MRPE), configuration of hosts' parents, improvements for SNMP monitoring, a new option -X to check the configuration for invalid variables, and many bugfixes.

  •  28 Jun 2009 16:03

Release Notes: Check_mk now supports easy configuration of service dependencies. A few bugs have been fixed. The Logwatch page now has a button for hiding and showing context messages.


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