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  •  08 Dec 2012 13:32

Release Notes: Changes has been made in load.lisp and Makefile to ease usage for Lisp newbies. Some non xinerama and monitor change on-the-fly bugs have been fixed.

  •  09 Jun 2011 01:00

Release Notes: Responsiveness when there are many children to display and some are hidden by others was improved. There were also some minor tweaks.

Release Notes: This version adds the ability to handle the mpd music player and xmms. A client/server system was added to handle CLFSWM remotely or with scripts. CLFSWM can now run another window manager while running.

Release Notes: This version adds a generic mode to define all other modes, a fix to correctly manage fullscreen windows (SDL particularly), some speed-up to display windows, some new layouts and maximize functions, and some placement functions to display info windows and second mode windows in reconfigurable positions. Clozure Common Lisp (CCL) support was also added.

  •  24 Sep 2008 14:43

Release Notes: This version adds colors in help windows and menus. A simple way to configure corner actions was added. The ability to raise or lower and hide or unhide a child was added. A new GIMP layout was added. A fast layout switch method was added. A method to switch to the last child was added. Each frame can have a different focus policy.

  •  05 Jan 2008 12:41

Release Notes: This version can work with clisp/new-clx. Matching parentheses are shown in the query string window. Better handling of configure event notification allows a speed up in windows' adaptation to a group.

  •  15 May 2007 14:27

Release Notes: Some new tiling functions (like the larswm, dwm, or wmii way) were added. The ability to explode/implode groups (create a group per window in a group or move all windows in one group) has been added. This release has the beginning of NetWM compliance.

  •  29 Apr 2007 07:57

Release Notes: A configuration file is read at startup for tweaking. Some new bindings were added (like stop all pending actions and open all future windows in a new group (i.e. like other window managers)). A hook system was added to tweak all X11 events if needed (like a map window). Some minor bugs were fixed (unclutter is now usable, for example).


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