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Clockywock is a cool analog clock for the Linux console.

Operating Systems

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  •  09 Feb 2013 06:48

Release Notes: This release fixed compilation issues on some systems (likely Fedora and Red Hat based) due to a popular library having a "timex" class. The class was renamed.

  •  07 Feb 2013 14:11

Release Notes: This version adds a toggle between smooth and tick mode, a realistic looking sloppy second hand for tick, bozo colors, and a much easier to read help screen.

  •  06 Feb 2013 22:47

    Release Notes: Major reworking and combining of print and curses routines. Smoother hand action and less "flickery."

    •  03 Feb 2013 18:39

    Release Notes: This release can set and save the colors of the hands, face, and background independently. The config file is editable (somewhat). The clock follows newly written config file changes instantly. User settable or ignorable number of lines. Smoother operation on slower machines (like the Raspberry Pi). Less flickery than previous releases. Two new flags: -i to ignore config and -r to ignore config and rewrite it on exit.

    •  28 Jan 2013 01:14

      Release Notes: This release allows the user to change the aspect ratio and height, saves the aspect ratio in the configuration file, and fixes a bug which made the help screen appear all the time on certain platforms.


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