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Cobra Programming Language

Cobra is a general purpose programming language with a clean, high-level syntax. It provides language level features for quality, including first class unit tests and Eiffel-style contracts. It supports both static and dynamic binding. Cobra is a compiled language with good run-time performance, but also provides some scripting conveniences such as a pound-bang line (#!) and one step compile-and-run. Cobra runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, and anywhere else that Novell Mono or MS .NET exist, including handhelds.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  24 Dec 2013 07:00

    Release Notes: This release added optional and named parameters, and added modifier sections (e.g. private, shared). The -lib option now supports {EnvironmentVariables} in the path. Error checking was improved. There were also fixes and refinements.

    •  24 May 2013 19:56

      Release Notes: This release adds 15 minor refinements and 21 fixes.

      •  27 Nov 2012 04:42

        Release Notes: This point release has 30 refinements and fixes detailed in the release notes on the Cobra wiki.

        •  11 Oct 2012 06:58

          Release Notes: This minor release added support for installing on .NET 4.5. Mono users do not need to update.

          •  27 Sep 2012 12:23

            Release Notes: This release provides language refinements, library additions, new samples, new koans, an improved @help directive, and expanded documentation. Of course, plenty of bugs have been squashed and locked out with an expanded test suite.


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