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Collax Business Server is an all-in-one Linux server for small- and medium-sized businesses. It delivers all the important network services within a heterogeneous business environment for communication, infrastructure, compliance, groupware, and storage, all in a reliable and secure way which is easy to manage. It also provides essential security functions such as firewalling and virus and spam filtering, to protect against hacker attacks, viruses, and unsolicited email messages.

Operating Systems

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  •  21 Mar 2014 19:20

Release Notes: This release adds a GUI implementation for the setup of individual DynDNS providers, a new kernel which enables further driver support for a large number of Intel network cards, and the new Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 r1 for WebApp 1.5. Java applets for SSL VPN applications, tunnels, and Web forwards are now correctly signed. Several vulnerabilities in the GnuTLS Library, ntpd 4.2.6p5, and fetchmail 6.3.26 are closed with this update.

  •  30 Sep 2013 21:58

Release Notes: This release fixes VPN connections which couldn't be established manually, had a wrong sender IP address after reboot, or contained a UTF-8 character within the PSK string, fixes the calculation of the primary email address when synchronized to an Active Directory. patches a security hole in strongSwan 4.6.10, and provides Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.5, supporting groupware clients for Windows 8 and Outlook2013.

  •  11 Apr 2013 13:02

Release Notes: This release added more Web proxy filter categories: social media, social and business networking, and Web storage. The identifier for the Backup System can be set manually. Single Sign On within Zarafa Groupware was implemented. PHP 5.3.23 and Zarafa 7.1.4 are now used. A problem where changing IPsec proposal or PSK ID did not restart the VPN connection automatically was fixed. Zarafa groupware resources are now booked correctly. A bug where created Public groupware folders were sometimes not visible was fixed. An issue with new local users receiving existing UIDs if an Active Directory connection had been enabled was fixed. A problem with the Backup Log going missing if Stream Data (LDAP) had been restored was fixed.

  •  31 Jan 2013 12:37

Release Notes: This release fixed firewall rules with DNAT/SNAT and special services, routing of other links if starting a VPN connection twice, creation of groupware user stores when deleting and creating user in AD, primary email addresses when using more than one email alias for an AD user, creation of email addresses when AD attributes contained empty values, and Directory Sync if the special groupware user attribute was empty. Certificates are now signed using SHA1.

  •  06 Nov 2012 22:21

Release Notes: Implements security fixes for PHP 5.3.18, bind 9.6, StronSwan 4.6.1. Fixes PPTP authentication in ActiveDirectory, port forwards on multi-WAN links, high system load by Kavsd on 64-bit systems, and the Nagios check for the Areca Raid Controller. An update to Zarafa Groupware 7.1.1.


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