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The cptutils package contains a number of utilities for the manipulation of color gradients; mainly for translating between different formats. Formats supported include ggr (GIMP gradient), cpt (GMT color palette table), avl (Arcview Legend), the PaintShop Pro and Photoshop formats, SVG, and CSS3.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2014 21:12

    Release Notes: This release adds some minor bugfixes and documentation enhancements.

    •  28 Feb 2014 02:40

      Release Notes: This release includes improved support for the Photoshop (grd) format.

      •  11 Feb 2014 22:27

        Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs in the pssvg program.

        •  11 Feb 2014 12:05

          Release Notes: This release includes a new program, pssvg, for converting Photoshop gradients to the SVG format.

          •  03 Nov 2013 13:34

            Release Notes: This release sees a rewrite of the cpt parser to enable a wider range of cpt features (named colours, labels, and so on) to be handled.


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            Project Spotlight

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