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  •  10 Apr 2014 23:26

Release Notes: This release has bugfixes, including security fixes. Other features and fixes in this release include sniffer fixes for corrupted packet length and Jumbo frames, ARM thumb mode assembly fixes, Xcode 5.1 support including new clang, PIC32 MZ hardware support, CyaSSL Object having enough room to read the Record Header now without allocs, FIPS wrappers for several algorithms/functions, and more.

  •  10 Feb 2014 21:58

Release Notes: This release adds Freescale RNGA, RNGB, and mmCAU support, new TLS extensions (ECC, Truncated HMAC), SCEP support with partial PKCS#7 support, PKCS#10 Certificate Signing Request generation, DTLS sliding window, OCSP improvements, GMAC hashing, Windows build fixes, Microchip MPLAB Harmony support, ECC encrypt/decrypt primitives, ECC certificate generation, and more.

  •  23 Nov 2013 00:42

Release Notes: This release adds enhanced AES-NI support, NetX support, IPv6 DTLS fixes, SEP cert extensions, Atomic Record Layer Processing, Public Key callbacks, and more.

  •  25 Jun 2013 19:42

Release Notes: This release adds SNI, Keil MDK-ARM project files, wildcard and Subject altname domain name checks, persistent session and certificate cache, DTLS reliability enhancements, and much more.

  •  07 Feb 2013 14:08

Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes, a fix for the "Lucky 13" TLS CBC padding timing attack, Microchip PIC32 support, MPLAB X example project files for the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit, an updated CTaoCrypt benchmark app for embedded systems, 1024-bit test certs/keys and cert/key buffers, AES-CCM-8 crypto and cipher suites, Camellia crypto and cipher suites, OCSP callbacks, STM32F2 support with hardware crypto and RNG, and Cavium NITROX support.

  •  27 Dec 2012 01:05

Release Notes: This release adds ECC, LeanPSK, CyaSSL_peek(), CodeWarrior, and MQX support, Freescale Kinetis with H/W RNG support, autoconf builds which use jobserver, and more.

  •  11 Oct 2012 21:43

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and a few new features, including DTLS reliability, reduced memory usage after handshake, and an updated build process.

  •  14 Aug 2012 23:21

Release Notes: This release has bugfixes and a few new features including AES-GCM crypto and cipher suites, make test cipher suite checks, Subject AltName processing, command line support for client/server examples, Sniffer SessionTicket support, SHA-384 cipher suites, verify cipher suite validity when user overrides, CRL dir monitoring, and DTLS Cookie support (reliability coming soon).

  •  19 May 2012 01:06

Release Notes: Initial CRL and OCSP support, static ECDH suites, SHA-384, medium session cache size, updated unit tests, protection against mutex reinitialization, and more.

  •  31 Jan 2012 00:50

Release Notes: This release has bugfixes and a few new features, including fixes for CA basis constraint checks, CTX reference counting, initial unit test additions, a Lean and Mean Windows fix, ECC benchmarking, SSMTP build support, the ability to group handshake messages with set_group_messages(ctx/ssl), CA cache addition callbacks, and exportation of Base64_Encode for general use.


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