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Distributed Access Control System

DACS is a light-weight single sign-on and role-based access control system providing flexible, modular authentication methods and powerful, transparent rule-based authorization checking for Web services, CGI programs, or virtually any program.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2013 20:41

    Release Notes: This release improves support for Apache 2.4, corrects many problems with dacs.quick(7), and fixes a variety of minor bugs.

    •  18 Jan 2012 01:02

      Release Notes: This minor bugfix release upgrades third-party support packages, includes upgrades/fixes for Mac OS X 10.7.2, and fixes and extends the HTTP_AUTH directive and the dacsauth(1) command.

      •  03 Oct 2011 21:21

        Release Notes: This minor update upgrades third-party support software. It extends HTTP_AUTH, dacsauth(1), and the dacsauth() function to return role information, and fixes several bugs.

        Release Notes: Although it mainly fixes bugs and adds some minor features, this release includes improved support for one-time passwords (such as time-based tokens, token provisioning, and additional OTP token vendors), introduces a new, simplified user-selectable authentication control, fixes and improves PAM-based authentication, and adds support for SQLite.

        •  14 Jan 2010 00:27

        Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, but it also introduces support for the Mac OS X 10.6/x86 platform.


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