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Release Notes: This major release of Dada Mail features a more intelligent installer, better message analytics, including breakdown of subscriber events (link clicks, opens, bounces, etc.) by country, State, City, and IP address, and an updated UI powered by jQuery.

Release Notes: This release candidate fixes over 20 bugs.

  •  11 Nov 2008 07:19

Release Notes: This release features over 20 bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release is purely a bug fix release. Of note are some fixes to the plugin (primarily used for discussion lists) that close up some security holes found in the plugin's message validation and moderation systems, as well as handling the POP3 mail queue correctly and dealing with large messages that may cause havoc to the Dada Mail system.

Release Notes: This is the last version before the official 2.10.13 release. It cleans up a few small issues from the beta release, and adds some more documentation.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs found in the 2.10.12 series of Dada Mail. This release also has a few interesting new features. A new FAQ on email sending has been bundled. The SMTP engine has moved from Net::SMTP to Net::SMTP_auth to allow you to choose the exact type of SASL authentication you'd like to use as well as an extension to allow SSL/TLS connections. CAPTCHA functionality has been added to the "Send an Archived Message" feature. A new Subscription Form extension that uses AJAX has been added, among other things.

Release Notes: This development version of Dada Mail continues the work on the 2.11 series. Of note, this version sees the beginnings of the moderation system for discussion messages, as well as extensive work on the mailing list sending monitoring tools.

Release Notes: This release features five major new features, including auto-pickup of mail sendings, domain-specific sending tunings, better spam protection for discussion lists, social bookmarking and link sharking badges in message archives, and CAPTCHA enhanced email subscription confirmation.

Release Notes: Among over 50 submitted and patched bugs, quite a few concern security issues with the program.

Release Notes: This version features over 50 bugfixes, many to do with security issues. These were largely to tighten up the security mechanism rather than fixing any known exploits. This version also has fixes for known issues of the session keeping mechanism.


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