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  •  07 Apr 2014 23:02

Release Notes: Major features in this release include support for running private mailing lists, abuse reporting, saving subscription dates, advanced searching, and mass updating of subscribers and their related profile field information, as well as a new revision of the manual, now also available as a DRM-free PDF download.

Release Notes: This release includes the following enhancements: private mailing lists, abuse reporting, subscriber subscription date saved as a timestamp, advanced search/partial sending list options, mass update of subscriber profile fields based on advanced search, support for required profile fields, and more powerful list control panel address importing.

Release Notes: Dada Mail can now save a Draft message right in the "Send a Message" or "Send a Wepage" control panel screens. File Attachment uploading is now handled by the included KCFinder Web file manager.The included Dada Mail Installer now allows you to configure the CAPTCHA system which comes with Dada Mail. Dada Mail now ships with its own jQuery plugin, to easily create subscription forms, as well as handling the requests inside a modal window.

Release Notes: This release focuses on three main features: sending error detection and reporting, a redesigned membership admin screen, and a new RESTful API for subscriptions.

Release Notes: This release features an overhaul and simplification of the unsubscription process, and major feature enhancements to the Tracker plugin: the ability to track and report by subscriber and the ability to track unsubscribes.

Release Notes: This major release features a more intelligent installer, better message analytics (including breakdown of subscriber events (link clicks, opens, bounces, etc.) by country, State, City, and IP address), and an updated UI powered by jQuery.

Release Notes: This is the first major release in 8 years.

Release Notes: This release is almost feature-complete and features full support for arbitrary subscriber fields, mail merging, partial list sending, and an enhanced mailing monitor. The TAP-compatible testing suite now has over 5000 tests.

Release Notes: This release features improved stability and feature enhancements. Of note, the Clickthrough Tracker now works again and has some minor enhancements, the Scheduled Mailer now supports partial list sendings based on queries to the subscriber list, and email templates in general can optionally support HTML::Template::Expr syntax.

Release Notes: Along with improved support for multiple subscriber fields, first started with the last release, this release features a completely rewritten email templating system, which should allow you to do any sort of mail merging you so fancy. The email templating system is based on HTML::Template, which is familiar, tested, and simple for geeks and designers alike.


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