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Dar is a shell command that makes backup of a directory tree and files. Its features include splitting archives over several files, DVD, CD, ZIP, or floppies, compression, full or differential backups, strong encryption, proper saving and restoration of hard links, extended attributes, file forks, Door inodes, and sparse files, remote backup using pipes and external commands (such as ssh), and rearrangement of the "slices" of an existing archive. It can run commands between slices, before and after saving some defined files or directories (for a proper database backup, for example), and quickly retrieve individual files from differential and full backups. Several external GUIs exist as alternatives to its CLI interface, like kdar, DarGUI, SaraB, etc.

Operating Systems

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  •  18 Jan 2014 21:06

Release Notes: This release adds several minor bugfixes, including one for a bug met under a very rare condition leading dar to wrongly report a file as corrupted at reading time, another for a bug in the sparse file detection mechanism which could lead dar to miss detecting small holes in files, several code updates to support compilation in g++11 mode, and other fixes relative to dar compilation within a BSD system like Mac OS X.

  •  26 Aug 2013 20:04

Release Notes: dar now takes care of umask when creating a slice when dar is used with the --hash option. This release also improves performance when used over ssh using dar_slave and provides fixes for several minor bugs and corrects spelling in documentation.

  •  09 Mar 2013 22:46

Release Notes: This release mainly contains two fixes. The first bug was located in the sparse file detection mechanism, leading a file containing a very specific string just before a hole to fail being backed up, with dar reporting "CRC error" at testing time. This same bug also caused "CRC error" to be reported at archive merging time. The second was located in the dar_manager database code, which led to database corruption. The fix avoids further corruption and also cleans up existing databases which have been corrupted by that bug.

  •  07 Jan 2013 00:36

Release Notes: Release 2.4.9 brings several minor fixes. It fixes a bug in dar 2.4.x releases which led dar, in certain circumstances, to save hard-linked inodes even when files had not changed since the archive of reference was done (differential backup). The "security warning" has been restricted to only show for plain files. This release fixes a Segfault met when adding to a dar_manger database an archive having an empty string as a basename. It modifies dar_manager to consider ctime in addition to mtime for data timestamps, resulting in fewer warnings about mis-ordered archives in a database.

  •  09 Sep 2012 18:15

Release Notes: This release brings several bugfixes concerning: memory management, a backward compatibility problem with dar_xform and old archives (older than 2.4.0) and a crash met while creating an archive with on-fly isolation. It also brings some acceleration while listing the contents of a database, and improves dar behavior when reading a corrupted encrypted archive.

RSS Recent comments

03 Apr 2008 12:19 edrusb

Re: memory hungry

> if you have thousands files and a lot

> GB's, read first

> about memory usage.

The memory requirement is proportional to the

number of files not to the amount of data to be saved.

For more detailed info see

03 Apr 2008 04:54 karelbarel

memory hungry
if you have thousands files and a lot GB's, read first

about memory usage.

14 Oct 2004 13:43 plastic_rat

I can recommend DAR. I have some helper scripts for it at

23 Sep 2004 22:00 jbuberel Thumbs up

Works well with SSH and Cygwin
I use dar to perform remote network backups of a hosted linux server to a local Windows machine using the windows build of dar under cygwin. It works great. Wonderfull application.

05 Nov 2003 12:12 zentara Thumbs up

Nice job on version2
Hi, I must compliment you on version 2 of dar. The documentation is much better organized and easier to


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