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Release Notes: You can now compose jobs so that a DataCleaner job actually calls/invokes another "child" job as a single transformation. Source column handling was improved, and the user can now choose which columns to include in a source query. Repository file locking was implemented to prevent concurrent reads and writes.

Release Notes: It is now possible to hide output columns of transformations. Hiding will not affect the processing flow, but simply hide them from the user interface, potentially making the experience cleaner when interacting with other components. A new Web service has been added to the monitoring Web application which provides a way to poll the status of the execution of a particular job. A bug has been fixed which caused the HTML report to fail for certain analysis types when no records had been processed. Six other minor bugs have been addressed.

Release Notes: This release adds a new filter for performing Change Data Capture, makes execution of jobs queued to avoid concurrent execution issues, and adds several minor bugfixes and improvements.

Release Notes: A Web service was added to the monitoring application for getting a (list of) metric values. The 'Table lookup' component has been improved by adding join semantics as a configurable property. The EasyDQ components have been upgraded, adding further configuration options and a richer deduplication result interface. Performance improvements have been a specific focus of this release. Improvements have been made in the engine of DataCleaner to further utilize a streaming processing approach in certain corner cases which was not covered previously.

  •  04 Jan 2013 21:50

Release Notes: The date and time related analysis options have been expanded, adding distribution analyzers for week numbers, months, and years. An optional "descriptive statistics" option has been added to the Number analyzer and the Date/time analyzer The lines in the timeline charts of the monitoring Web application now have small dots in them. Two new transformers have been added for generating UUIDs and for generating timestamps. Now ad hoc queries can contain DISTINCT clauses, *-wildcards, and subqueries, and are fault-tolerant towards text-case issues.

Release Notes: Adds a service for renaming jobs in the monitoring repository. You can access this as a RESTful Web service or interactively in the UI. A Web service was added for changing the historic date of an analysis result in the monitoring repository. The Web application has been made compatible with legacy JSF containers. Caching of configuration in the Web application was greatly improved, leading to faster page load and job initialization times.

Release Notes: When triggering a job in the monitoring Web application, the panel auto-refreshes every second to get the latest state of the execution. The "Select from key/value map" transformer now supports nested select expressions like "Address.Street" or "orderlines[0]". The table lookup mechanism have been optimized for performance, using prepared statements when running against JDBC databases. Administrators can now download file-based datastores directly from the "Datastores" page.

Release Notes: The primary bugfix in this release was about restoring the mapping of columns and specific enumerable categorizations. For instance, in the new Completeness analyzer, after reloading a saved job, the mapping was not always correct. Internal improvements have been made, making it easier to deploy the Web application in environments using the Spring Framework. The visualization settings in the desktop application have been improved by automatically taking a look at the job being visualized and toggling displayed artifacts.

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in the Table lookup transformation which caused it to be unable to have multiple output columns. CSV file escape characters have been made configurable. A minor bug pertaining to empty strings in the Concatenator has been fixed. Support for the Cubrid database has been added. Converter transformations have been adapted to be able to work on multiple fields, not just single fields.

Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes, performance improvements, and a few new features. Among the important ones are greatly-improved batch loading performance, a convenient "write data" menu in the main window, double-click renaming of job components, syntax coloring in the Javascript transformer and filter, and fixes for a potential deadlock when starting the application.


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