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DBSight is a J2EE search platform for instant scalable full-text search on any relational database, for both beginners and experts. It lets you add Lucene-based searching to any Web page with SQL and JavaScript. It features a built-in database crawler that follows user-defined SQL, incremental indexing, configurable result ranking, highlighted search results (like Google), categorized result counts (like Amazon), and sharded distributed search. Scaffolding supports tag cloud, suggest-as-you-type, spell checker, and much more. It easily integrates with other languages through XML, JSON, and HTML, and can embed the search UI and results to any Web page by just copying a section of JavaScript. No Java coding is necessary. All managing operations are UI-based. Deleted or updated records in the database can be synchronized. Content outside the database can also be searched.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  11 Nov 2013 03:14

    Release Notes: Fixes log analyzing exceptions when starting up.

    •  21 Oct 2013 02:41

      Release Notes: Adds an option to customize facet search to use the Boolean operator OR.

      •  01 Jul 2013 10:43

      Release Notes: This release fixes a racing condition bug on Windows.

      •  13 May 2013 01:59

      Release Notes: Avoids exceptions during JSON embedded search when column names have uppercase characters.

      •  07 Jan 2013 23:26

      Release Notes: A major focus on improving robustness for managing the separated search process, including ensuring index replication works even when the index is updated, avoiding index replication notification noises from other dbsight systems, and each index takes a fixed 2 ports instead of sharing the ports. An error in iPhone search result scaffolding has been fixed.

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      17 Dec 2007 13:49 chrislusf Thumbs up

      DBSight customer got 2.6 Million Euro Funding!
      One of DBSight customers, which focuses on online shopping comparison based the search on DBSight, has recently received 2.6 million Euros for funding!

      This is a tremendous feat for them! It also proves that DBSight is highly scalable and flexible. With business requirement changing all the time, DBSight provides a powerful tool to quickly adapt the site to different kinds of requirements, meeting users need seamlessly.

      DBSight can search on any database. As long as you crawl the web and put data into any database, DBSight can help you to create a vertical search quickly, and get you the initial funding without much effort!


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