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DISLIN is a high-level, easy-to-use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours, and maps. Several output formats are supported, such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, HPGL, TIFF, and PNG. Plotting extensions for the interpreter-based languages Perl, Python, and Java are also supported for most operating systems.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  15 Jan 2014 13:38

Release Notes: This release adds othographic projections, new widget features, and bug fixes.

Release Notes: Reading of True Type fonts, import of PNG and TIFF files, additional widget features, and bugfixes.

  •  18 Nov 2011 18:39

Release Notes: This release adds additional widget and legend features, supports GSHHS map coordinates 2.1.1, and fixes bugs.

  •  15 Feb 2011 13:46

Release Notes: An OpenGL driver for hardware acceleration, financial bars, and 3D contours were added. Bugs were fixed.

  •  16 Jan 2010 23:44

Release Notes: Visualization of vector fields, plotting of streamlines, and calculating of Line Integral Convolution images were implemented. Bugs were fixed.


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Software to build and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel.


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A dd command variant for disks with large I/O support.