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The ACE ORB from the doc group

TAO is a standards-compliant, real-time implementation of CORBA that provides efficient, predictable, and scalable quality of service (QoS) end-to-end. Unlike conventional implementations of CORBA, which are inefficient, unpredictable, non-scalable, and often non-portable, TAO applies the best software practices and patterns to automate the delivery of high-performance and real-time QoS to distributed applications.


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  •  09 Jan 2014 22:27

Release Notes: This release added a new Client Strategy Factory option, -ORBDefaultSyncScope, which takes the label "None", "Transport", "Server", or "Target" to define the sync scope to be used when a Messaging SyncScopePolicy is not in use. Recursive typecode handling was improved. Maintenance and support for Solaris 10 with Sun Studio was ended.

  •  12 Nov 2013 02:13

Release Notes: A fix for extra CDR padding bytes following a request header when there are no IN or INOUT arguments in the request. This happened when a request had at least one OUT argument, and also had a service context that ended off a CDR alignment boundary. While this is not a problem for TAO-TAO messaging, some non-TAO servers will reject such requests with a MARSHAL exception. See bug 4141 for more information.

  •  04 Oct 2013 16:45

Release Notes: The max_len argument to ACE_Process::command_line_buf has changed from int* to size_t*. This corrects a mismatch between the argument type and the data member in ACE_Process from which the value comes. Some include files have been removed from ACE.h. These were not required for ACE. Further improvements of the Android port (still a work in progress). The DDS4CCM State connector now keeps the state in DDS. The listeners are now using DDS read so that the state is not destroyed within DDS.

  •  16 Aug 2013 21:36

Release Notes: This release adds support for Fedora 19, and ends daily maintenance for Fedora 17 and 18. It adds support for Embarcadero C++BuilderXE4 using bcc32 in debug and release mode. It has improved support for Android. Implementation Repository is better able to handle high request volume, particularly when registered servers are going up and down. Several memory leaks in the Trading Service have been fixed. Support has been added for Embarcadero C++BuilderXE4 using bcc32 in release mode.

  •  15 May 2013 21:53

Release Notes: High performance implementation Repository [#4104]: the Implementation Repository Locator has been reimplemented using AMI/AMH to avoid the problem of nested upcalls under heavy load.


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