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Release Notes: Some bugs have been corrected in WATemplate: the ?? conditional meta keyword was not resolving sub templates in some cases, and the scalar values have been added for resolution, and the @@ loop meta keyword was not resolving sub templates if the condition was not a sub array. Some improvements have been done on @@ meta keywords: support for '.first', '.last', and '.num' subtemplates. Some other bugs have been corrected in the WATemplate (static scope of some functions)

Release Notes: WATemplate has been modified to support traversable/array access metaelement objects (which are not necessarily arrays). The metaElements method is now strict by default, and the compiler has been modified to support elements without space. The shared memory access class now uses semaphores to avoid memory access conflicts. Minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  13 Jul 2012 19:53

Release Notes: The FastObjectSource, LanguageSource, and TemplateSource objects have been modified to clean and delete the cache and the AFO if the origin has disappeared (is deleted).

Release Notes: The WATemplate syntax analyzer no longer uses urlencode and urldecode, greatly improving compilation time. An error has been corrected in the regular expressions of the templates compiler: sometimes the subtemplate was not correctly replaced.

Release Notes: The WATemplate class has been corrected so the subtemplate IDs can be only only letters, digits, or the special characters ".", "-", "_", and "|".

Release Notes: An error has been corrected in WATemplate: the ?? metaelement was not working as specified. WATemplate has been modified to support path data access into the data array (i.e., ??VAR1>VAR2>VAR3:templateid??), to use hierarchic accessibility on templates (if the template does not exists in a level, it will be searched in the father), and to support a new meta element {{...}} to directly access an entry in the data array. A new example has been added for path data and the {{...}} meta element.

Release Notes: Two new objects have been added: WALanguageCompiler, which replaces the static object WALanguage, and WASimpleXML, to compile any simple XML to a PHP array. WALanguage is now a fully extendable, iterable, and serializable object which contains the language table. Some bugs have been removed, and examples adjusted to the new objects.

  •  15 Feb 2012 22:01

Release Notes: WAThrowable->__toString has been modified to print errors correctly on the CLI version.

Release Notes: The method WATemplate->__toString() has been added to directly print the template resolved. The method WATemplate->getTemplates() has been added to get the list of subtemplates. Some minor bugs have been removed in various DataSources.

Release Notes: A Templates engine has been added along with examples and documentation in the wiki. The LanguageSource now support an Iterator implementation. The FastObjects and Language sources have been modified to use shared memory efficiently. Timestamps have been changed to microtimes in the Datasources for greater accuracy. A general code clean-up has been done.


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