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DR14 T.meter

DR14 T.meter is a commandline tool for computing the Dynamic Range of your music according to the procedure used in the offline meter released by the Pleasurize Music Foundation. It is very useful to measure how loud your music is and to understand that a good quality album always has a good dynamic. It's also useful for understanding the effects of the so-called loudness war.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  18 Nov 2013 15:48

    Release Notes: This release works with OS X.

    •  29 Nov 2012 00:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes a pair of annoying bugs and offers better administration of strange audio files.

    •  30 Oct 2012 02:17

    Release Notes: This release adds a minor fix for full Python 3.3 compatibility.

    •  01 Oct 2012 20:37

    Release Notes: This release adds plot track with zoom and track navigation.

    •  12 Sep 2012 21:45

    Release Notes: Faster DR computation. Lower memory requirements.


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