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dynalogin is a distributed two-factor authentication suite that combines a secure UNIX server and API with an Android soft token. Open standards (HOTP, TOTP, and soon OCRA) are used for one-time passwords. A C library is provided for inclusion in existing software and Web sites. OpenID (using SimpleID) is supported for Web applications and single sign on. PAM is supported for easy UNIX and LDAP integration (SASL, RADIUS, and JAAS in development). It works with Google Authenticator or the dynalogin Android application.

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  •  21 Feb 2013 12:46

Release Notes: This first major release supports OATH algorithms HOTP and TOTP, distributed deployment using TLS, and a range of databases using the UNIXODBC API.


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TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite)

A lightweight server suite for LANs.


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A GTK version of slapt-get.