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ECM is demo software for planetary-scale terrain rendering. It implements Ellipsoidal Cube Maps (ECMs), as described in M. Lambers and A. Kolb, Ellipsoidal Cube Maps for Accurate Rendering of Planetary-Scale Terrain Data, Proc. Pacific Graphics (Short Papers), Sep. 2012. It consists of three parts: libecmdb, which implements the basic model and projection; ecmdb, which builds ECM databases from remote sensing data; and ecmview, which renders ECM databases interactively.

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  •  12 Nov 2012 22:44

Release Notes: This release adds support for SAR amplitude images. Interactive despeckling and dynamic range reduction is possible, as well as mapping to different color gradients and overlaying multiple images, (e.g., different polarizations).

  •  30 Aug 2012 14:46

    Release Notes: This release adds improved documentation and fixes a few minor problems.

    •  21 Aug 2012 15:30

      Release Notes: libecm was renamed to libecmdb to avoid a name clash with an existing library.

      •  20 Aug 2012 21:36

        Release Notes: This is the initial public release.


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        Project Spotlight


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