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Release Notes: This release adds setNetworkBufferSize() to SecureFileTransfer client and SSHFTPClient, allow SOCKS5 authentication without a username and password, improves performance of binary input streams, implements skip(), mark(), and reset() for FTPInputStream and SSHFTPInputStream, catches tryLock() exceptions and ignores them, adds a flag to avoid using tryLock(), fixes a setRemotePort order bug for SFTP, and increases the SSH minimum window size to 32K (up from 1K, as this occasionally caused problems).

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to abort listings when using a callback. It fixes a bug in reading extended file attributes. It fixes a potential SFTP hang in State.waitForState(). It fixes an Android "HeapWorker is wedged" problem in ftpFileInputStream.finalize(). It fixes an "Unsupported operation" error when sending FXP_OPEN (don't send attributes).

Release Notes: This release adds a callback allowing each entry returned from dirDetails and listDirectory to be processed one by one, without creating a list of all entries. It fixes a bug where when autoPassiveIPSubstitution was used with proxies, it could result in the incorrect IP address being used. It fixes a CRC mismatch bug because of leading zeros in CRC. It adds 'set acct' to ScriptEngine so that the ACCT command can be used. It masks the argument to ACCT in logging. It fixes a progress monitor bug in SecureFileTransferClient.

  •  23 May 2008 17:43

Release Notes: SecureFileTransferClient has been released. It supports all protocols in a single class, and permits switching protocols with a single method call. It supports multiple, simultaneous transfers via FTP connection pools. AsyncFileTransferClient has been released. It supports background transfers via a comprehensive asynchronous API. It permits multi-threaded performance without multi-threaded programming.

  •  23 Apr 2007 04:19

Release Notes: A powerful scripting language was added so that FTP scripts can be written for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. Scripts can be run from a file or programmatically. A bug in SSL session resumption was fixed. A fix was made to SSHFTPClient quit() to prevent server processes from hanging.

  •  27 Nov 2006 10:02

Release Notes: This release adds zlib compression and setRemoteEOL() to the SSHFTPClient. It reorders SSH messages used in dirDetails() so that it works correctly with Axway File Broker. A bug with log4j integration has been fixed.

  •  26 Apr 2005 05:51

Release Notes: Wildcards were added to recursive operations. Validation may now be switched off in quote(). A problem where "Unexpected null reply received" was displayed has been fixed. All constructors other than the default have been deprecated. SFTP (via SSH) support was added in beta form.

  •  11 Feb 2005 06:01

Release Notes: This release adds recursive get(), put(), and delete() operations on directories, writability checks before downloads (if a file is not writable, an exception is thrown), and ACCT and ABOR command support.

  •  12 May 2004 01:46

Release Notes: Implicit mode FTPS is now supported in addition to explicit mode. Log4j integration is now supported, detailed examples were added to the distribution, and the documentation was enhanced.


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