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Release Notes: This release adds setNetworkBufferSize() to SecureFileTransfer client and SSHFTPClient, allow SOCKS5 authentication without a username and password, improves performance of binary input streams, implements skip(), mark(), and reset() for FTPInputStream and SSHFTPInputStream, catches tryLock() exceptions and ignores them, adds a flag to avoid using tryLock(), fixes a setRemotePort order bug for SFTP, and increases the SSH minimum window size to 32K (up from 1K, as this occasionally caused problems).

  •  24 Aug 2011 11:53

Release Notes: The FTP shell was fixed to support filenames with spaces (in double quotes). A problem was fixed where bytesTransferred wasn't called at completion of transfer in SecureFileTransferClient for small files. Logging is minimized when waiting in a loop for window adjust from server, and an exception is thrown if a window is stopped.

Release Notes: Support was added for using ACCT in SecureFileTransferClient and FileTransferClient. SSHFTPClient.delete() now throws an exception if a directory is supplied. SSHFTPClient.keepAlive() was fixed so it gets a response from the server. The 2GB resume limit was removed from SFTP.

Release Notes: Support for AES encrypted private keys was added. Support was added for multiple AVAs of each type in SSL/TLS certificates. SFTP parallel mode was fixed to eliminate locking. A bug in the MLST parser was fixed. FTPFile path no longer includes the filename to make it consistent with dirDetails(). If MLST is not supported, fileDetails() now falls back to SIZE and MDTM. An empty array of features is returned if FEAT returns no features. The array was tweaked so that only actual features are returned.

Release Notes: A resume bug (introduced in 3.6.0) was fixed. Spaces in front of FTP reply codes are trimmed. An OS/400 directory listing parser was added. setRemoteEOL() was added to AdvancedSSHSettings. changeIntoPathDirectory(boolean) was added to prevent the default behavior of changing into the directory if a remote path is supplied instead of a filename.

Release Notes: arcfour was added to the list of supported ciphers for SSH/SFTP. Blowfish was made the default cipher for SSH/SFTP. "." and ".." no longer appear in listings that use wildcards. RollingFileAppender was added. A system property was included for adding a prefix to all edtFTPj/PRO loggers (for use with log4j). Tweaks were made to UnixFileParser for some unusual formats. An exception is no longer thrown if the SSH_MSG_IGNORE message body has an invalid length.

  •  01 Jul 2010 14:57

Release Notes: If FXP_OPEN fails, attributes are not sent, which fixes a potential permissions problem when uploading a new file introduced in 3.4.0. Code 232 may now be returned from the USER command.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to abort listings when using a callback. It fixes a bug in reading extended file attributes. It fixes a potential SFTP hang in State.waitForState(). It fixes an Android "HeapWorker is wedged" problem in ftpFileInputStream.finalize(). It fixes an "Unsupported operation" error when sending FXP_OPEN (don't send attributes).

Release Notes: This release adds a callback allowing each entry returned from dirDetails and listDirectory to be processed one by one, without creating a list of all entries. It fixes a bug where when autoPassiveIPSubstitution was used with proxies, it could result in the incorrect IP address being used. It fixes a CRC mismatch bug because of leading zeros in CRC. It adds 'set acct' to ScriptEngine so that the ACCT command can be used. It masks the argument to ACCT in logging. It fixes a progress monitor bug in SecureFileTransferClient.

Release Notes: Support was added for AES encrypted private keys. (The user would receive an error message like "Algorithm AES-128-CBC not recognized" previously.) An end of line terminator bug in FTPInputStream was fixed. If Unix EOL terminators were read, they were stripped, which is incorrect. Name resolution is not attempted when using proxies. getServerCertificate() was implemented for implicit mode FTPS. A bug where a non-public certificate exception was being thrown was fixed. An exception is not thrown if SSH_MSG_IGNORE message body fails to be parsed.


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