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Release Notes: This release adds RFC 3676 (content type text/plain; format=flowed) support for builtin++ pager. Rewrapping of flowed paragraphs is not supported when replying or forwarding mail or when viewing it with external pager. Flowed format is not supported either when mail is sent. This release adds two new commands to builtin++ pager ('W' for wrapping and 'w' for toggling paragraph width), and adds "pager-indicate-wrapping", "pager-paragraph-width", "@charset", and "editor-elmrc-propline" elmrc options. A crash when viewing a thread is fixed. There are other changes.

Release Notes: This release changes the implementation of the "pager", "editor", and "alteditor" elmrc variables, fixes some bugs (including a crash when a file with a too-long filename is attached), and changes elm.rc help texts.

Release Notes: This release changes how decoding of content-transfer-encoding is done, uses exit values from sysexits.h, adds "mailname" and "name-resolution" global elm.rc options, changes initialization of "hostdomain", "hostfullname", and (in some cases) "hostname" global elm.rc options, adds support for /etc/mailname on Debian systems, and adds some other changes and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes some code reorganization, and fixes some Valgrind reported errors and some other bugs. It fixes incorrect setting of In-Reply-To in canceled mail.

Release Notes: This release includes some code cleanup and fixes or mitigates a bug that caused folder corruption when run under valgrind. Some other bugs were also fixed.


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An applicant tracking system.


Project Spotlight


A portal generator for companies, organizations, or communities.