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Embedthis Bit replaces both autoconf and make with a single utility: bit. Bit provides a higher level of abstraction for easily specifying the targets to build (libraries and executables). It can build directly on Linux, Mac, or Windows and cross compile for other platforms. It can also generate native projects for Visual Studio, XCode, Make, Nmake, and shell scripts. Bit builds quickly without the complexity of autoconf and make. Bit projects are described using JavaScript, and the entire build is exposed as a unified DOM object.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2014 23:32

    Release Notes: A minor release adding support for SemVer versioning and the Embedthis Pak manager. Also adds bit --watch capability.

    •  05 Feb 2014 23:32

      Release Notes: This release adds full support for SemVer versioning and the Pak package manager with package.json description files.

      •  30 Sep 2013 21:51

        Release Notes: This release fixes the HTTP library for GitHub download requests.

        •  25 Jun 2013 19:44

          Release Notes: This release adds enhanced Makefile generation and general fixes.

          •  12 Apr 2013 01:09

            Release Notes: This minor release fixes cross-generation of makefiles for VxWorks and improves standalone building.


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