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Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats, such as PostScript, PDF, single page and multi-page TIFF, DVI, DjVu, and others. It features page thumbnails, printing via the GNOME or GTK+ printing frameworks, and searching within the documents. It supports the displaying of PDF indexes, the displaying and editing of PDF annotations, and the viewing of encrypted PDF documents.


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  •  02 Apr 2014 22:09

Release Notes: This release adds more filters in the file chooser, history which behaves more like a Web browser, caret mode support, a new find sidebar showing search results with contexts, and support for DJVU page labels, file identifiers, and text selection.

Release Notes: The caret navigation can now be toggled with F7. An 'Automatic' zoom mode was added to the zoom selector. The current zoom mode is now shown in the zoom selector drop-down menu. Text selections were implemented in EvViewAccessible. More performance improvements were made in text selections. ATK interfaces to expose text attributes were implemented. Bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The history now behaves more like a Web browser. An initial implementation of caret navigation was added to libview. A GSetting was added to set a custom page cache size. Selection of overlapping text was fixed. Several memory corruptions and crashes were resolved, along with various other minor bugs.

  •  09 Jul 2013 19:16

Release Notes: Several memory corruptions and crashes were resolved. The history button arrow icons are now set according to the locale's text direction.

Release Notes: Many enhancements and bug fixes were made.

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03 Apr 2014 08:49 rrt

The release notes for 3.12 are misleading, because they include features introduced in 3.10 (for which there was no release announcement on Freecode). Thanks for making the announcements again (I think Freecode is an excellent way to keep abreast of free software announcements); maybe if there's a similar situation in future you could mark changes from previous releases?


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