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Release Notes: The caret navigation can now be toggled with F7. An 'Automatic' zoom mode was added to the zoom selector. The current zoom mode is now shown in the zoom selector drop-down menu. Text selections were implemented in EvViewAccessible. More performance improvements were made in text selections. ATK interfaces to expose text attributes were implemented. Bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The history now behaves more like a Web browser. An initial implementation of caret navigation was added to libview. A GSetting was added to set a custom page cache size. Selection of overlapping text was fixed. Several memory corruptions and crashes were resolved, along with various other minor bugs.

Release Notes: Many enhancements and bug fixes were made.

Release Notes: An API was added to allow changing the page of a presentation. The performance of searching was improved. Other fixes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: Support was added for activation actions of form fields. History navigation buttons were added to the toolbar. Accelerators shortcuts are again shown in the View menu. Several minor bugs were fixed. Translations were updated.

Release Notes: Pages' DPI is now used to compute the scaling factor in DJVU documents. The gear menu was improved. Scrolling performance was improved. Various minor bugs including a crash were fixed. Missing introspection annotations were added. Translations were updated.

Release Notes: The UI was redesigned to follow the GNOME 3 style. Evince now uses libsecret instead of libgnome-keyring. The font properties dialog now shows a message to inform whether any of the non-embedded font is one of the 14 standard fonts. A new layout mode was added to libview (but not yet to Evince) that can automatically choose dual page mode if the window size allows. A new automatic zoom mode was added to libview. Other enhancements and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Various minor functional and layout improvements have been made.

Release Notes: A new ev_view_find_started() API was introduced as an improved version of ev_view_find_changed(). ev_job_links_get_model() was also added. A division by zero crash and compiler warnings were resolved. Translations were updated.

  •  22 Aug 2012 21:20

Release Notes: A minor bug in the usage of EvDocumentModel was fixed. yelp-tools are now used instead of gnome-doc-utils for the documentation infrastructure. Translations were updated.


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