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Release Notes: This release adds include file passing var=values with spaces, adds el_shell.elt, a helpful dev script for easy copy and pasting commands, and has more small bugfixes: "send" bug "bad flag -1", dyn var capture when "=" are present e.g. +$var=(\d) = STRING, single number expect, and a bug if a number was not on a line by itself.

Release Notes: This release has full IPv6 support and fixes a bug in Library mode.

  •  23 Aug 2011 14:45

Release Notes: @n (n=number) was fixed to set the timeout value from IDE (a problem with ssh user@192.168...). The *FORK display was fixed when "session" is part of the session name. The installer was updated with a "configure only" option, which just configures user account settings. A conditional test for undefined varibles was added.

  •  22 Feb 2011 15:01

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed for a bad timeout value and *FORK session control. A new logging directive, *TIMESTAMP <ISO|YMD|DMY|MDY>, prints a date and timestamp for each command sent.

Release Notes: A tarball installer is now included, which automatically configures expect-lite to use sshd if present, and automatically creates a .expect-literc file. You can use ./ -h for help. Also, a minor bug was fixed regarding copy/paste debugger input.

  •  27 Sep 2010 15:28

Release Notes: Additional functionality was added, improving color, adding an additional logging level, and updating the documentation. Custom colour comments are supported. "expect" logging can be done with *EXP_INFO. The *PASS directive was added. The man page was updated.

  •  03 Dec 2008 12:32

Release Notes: This version adds two new features. Based on a user request, User Defined Prompts have been added. This allows the setting of the prompt via a line. Expect-lite has always cooperated well with the bash shell. Now, via a five-line embedded bash script at the top of the expect-lite script, it can become executable with default arguments, and can even take GNU-style long option arguments.

  •  21 Oct 2008 05:45

Release Notes: This version includes some small bugfixes and additional debugging information via -v and -vv. Three self-test scripts are included (in Examples) that provide confidence that expect-lite is functioning properly.

  •  09 Jul 2008 13:30

Release Notes: Over the years of using and improving expect-lite, a few debugging techniques have proven quite useful. This release adds two debugging include scripts, and, adding tools for debugging scripts. In addition, a Tips and Techniques Guide has been added, documenting how to use these new scripts and more.

  •  10 Jun 2008 20:10

Release Notes: The order of argument parsing has been changed to set environment variables first. Now environment variables can be set and expect-lite invoked with no arguments.


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