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Release Notes: A bug in the new *LOG feature when used on the command line was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds include file passing var=values with spaces, adds el_shell.elt, a helpful dev script for easy copy and pasting commands, and has more small bugfixes: "send" bug "bad flag -1", dyn var capture when "=" are present e.g. +$var=(\d) = STRING, single number expect, and a bug if a number was not on a line by itself.

Release Notes: Minor fixes. Fixes for small bugs in IDE single step and paste functions, and a problem with lines ending with backslash.

Release Notes: This release includes an example script presented at the Linux Symposium 2010 conference. A feature was added where environment variables of the form EL_* will automatically become script constants (variables). The tool was updated for NFS /home environments.

Release Notes: This is a documentation release. There is no new functionality in expect-lite. However, there is a new tool which makes setting up ssh keys very easy. Windows/Cygwin is now better supported. The Web site has a new look which should make finding things easier.


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A geocaching query tool.


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An application for tagging your files and navigating them as a virtual filesystem.